Embed Height tasks

We believe you should be able to manage your to-do list without leaving your knowledge base. That's why Slab integrates with some awesome project management tools β€”Β and now we've added Height to the list!

You can now preview Height tasks within Slab posts. When you paste in the task link, it'll unfurl to reveal the title, and you can hover over it to see more information, including tags, the number of comments, and when it was last updated.

Screen Shot 2021-01-21 at 12.19.21 PM.png

Team admins can enable the Height integration in their integration settings.

Here's what else we've been working on πŸ‘‡

We've made some improvements to the comments UI and fixed an issue with header links in public posts.

Full-size images and embeds! πŸ–Ό

We've added more sizing options for images and embeds, giving you more control over the look and feel of your posts.

You can now select from half, default, and full width for images, and default and full width for embeds.

new image sizes.gif

Here's what else we've been up to πŸ‘‡

We fixed an issue with Google Calendar embeds and improved search quality for teams using Slab in non-English languages. If you'd like to see your results get even better, let us know what language you're using and we'll look into it for you!

Horizontal scrolling in code blocks & Office 365 embeds!

You're probably used to code blocks not wrapping lines when writing code outside of Slab. We now support this convention, saving you valuable space within posts! When a line exceeds the length of the code block, it will now scroll horizontally instead of wrapping.

Office 365 embed support πŸ–₯

We now support live embeds of Office 365 docs, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint! To embed a doc, go to File β†’ Share β†’ Embed and copy and paste the embed code into a Slab post. πŸ™Œ

Here's what else we've been working on πŸ‘‡

We fixed an issue that caused reactions to repeat for the same user, and added two smart character replacements: -- becomes β€”, and ... becomes ….

Meet the new & improved Team Insights! πŸ“ˆ

Data on how your team uses Slab is essential for ensuring that your knowledge hub is effective, up-to-date, and useful for your team.

With a beautiful redesign and improved features, the new Team Insights will give you the information you need to make your Slab the best that it can be!

New features include:

  • Custom date ranges so you can home in on the most relevant data
  • Metric comparison for the previous period so you can track trends
  • Additional leaderboard stats, including specific total edits and read time
  • Expanded list of top posts so you can dig into the data more finely

new insights.gif

Team admins can head to their Insights page to check out the update. Let us know what you think!

Here's what else we've been working on πŸ‘‡

We fixed a bug with scrolling in the teammate invitation modal.

Embed Monday boards πŸ“‹

Your project management should go hand-in-hand with your team documentation. That's why Slab integrates with Monday β€”Β you can mention Monday pulses, and now, you can embed live Monday boards, too!

To embed a board, just paste in the shareable link and watch the embed come to life within your post. πŸ‘

monday embed.gif

To find the link, click on the Main table view β†’ Share β†’ copy the shareable link.

Here's what else we've been working on πŸ‘‡

We fixed a bug that prevented some notification emails from sending and removed the ? help icon from public posts.

Upgrade your collaboration with rich comment support! πŸš€

Sometimes, plain text just doesn't cut it, and you need to add some emphasis to get your message across. You can already do this in post bodies, of course, but we've now added support for rich comments, too!

Continuing our recent upgrades to comments, you can now bold, italicize, and hyperlink in comments using both keyboard and Markdown shortcuts.

Here's what else we've been working on πŸ‘‡

We improved loading speed for topic pages and fixed bugs with Lucidchart and Lucidspark embeds.

Slab Library is here! Create high-quality content with expert-curated templates πŸ“š

Have you ever found yourself staring at a blank Slab post, wondering where to start?

So have we. That's why we created Slab Library β€”Β a curated collected of post templates written by experts at Google, Slack, Stripe, Netflix, and more. From code review to user manuals, we've got you covered. You can simply find the template you want to use and click copy into Slab to start making it your own.


You can check out the Library here. We're starting with a handful of our favorite templates, but we've got plenty more on the way. If there are any other types of templates you'd like to see, just let us know!

React to post content, improved search highlighting, and more!

An emoji is worth a thousand words β€”Β and that's why we've added support for emoji reactions to post content. See something you like? React with ❀️ or πŸ‘. See something you don't understand? Give it a❓or πŸ€”.

Just select some text and click the emoji icon from the editor menu to start reacting.

post text reaction 2.gif

Improved search highlighting ⭐

We've added highlighting support for search results from Asana, Jira, and Trello! This makes it easier to find what you're looking for.


Slab 2.0 is now live on Product Hunt πŸ₯³

ICYMI β€”Β Slab 2.0 has launched on Product Hunt!

We originally introduced Slab on Product Hunt back in 2018, and a lot has changed since then. Head on over to Product Hunt to see what's new, give us an upvote, or leave a comment or question! πŸš€

Comment updates, 3x!

Comments in posts just got a refresh, three times over! It's now easier β€”Β and more fun! β€”Β to collaborate with teammates and stay on top of tasks.

First up is support for post and topic mentions in comments. When you want to reference another post or a topic, just hit + to mention it.

post mention in comment 2.gif

Second, the emoji picker is now supported in comments! Just hit : and start typing a description of the emoji you want to use to add some pizzazz to your comments.

(Pro tip: you can also react to comments with emojis!)

Third, we've made some improvements to the comments UI, making them easier to use than ever!

Here's what else we've been up to πŸ‘‡

Slab's emoji picker now remembers your most-used emojis! You can pepper your posts with πŸ™Œ , πŸ₯³ , and πŸš€ at lightning speed (or should we say ⚑ speed?). We also fixed some issues with InVision embeds.

See other post readers & Miro embeds!

Slab is designed with team collaboration in mind. That's why it includes features like comments, reactions, mentions, and real-time post editing for multiple users. πŸ‘―

Previously, you could see when other users were currently editing the same post, and now, we've also made it possible to tell who else is reading the same post!

Screen Shot 2020-09-28 at 4.44.34 PM.png

(Pro tip: When a user is editing the post, their icon will be circled in color.)

Miro embeds πŸš€

We've expanded our supported embeds to support Miro! You can now paste in a link to a board from Miro and get a live, instant preview. No setup required!